How to Double Your Industrial Automation Product Sales?

Generate Industrial Automation products Enquiries

As an entrepreneur/ Business owner, Are you thinking about How to increase sales as a double?

In this blog, I explain with an example of Industrial Automation related Product Trading/Services.

In any Business, our Main target is getting Orders/Sales. Is it Right? Yes Absolutely.

Q: How can we get orders from customers?

A: Followup with Customers. Then…

Q: Which followup with Customers?

A: Generated Enquires/ Quoted enquiries.

Q: How can we get enquires?

In this inquiry generation stage, we are suffering. Is it True…? Yes, absolutely it is true.

Then what is the solution….?

With my experience, There are mainly 2 types of methods are available for inquiry generation.

1.You need to visit/Call to Customers for Enquiry.

2. Customer will call to you or Customer will visit your office for Product/Service.

Out of this 2 methods, the second one is very powerful and order conversion rate is very high.Why because immediately they want a product for their machine that’s why they came. Otherwise, they won’t come to your office or they won’t call to you. Is it Right? Yes.

The 1st method also a good method for generating inquiries. But conversion rate is less (50-50 chances). Why because they required a product for their machines but not urgently. In future only it will be required.

So Are you looking for the second method.?

Maybe somebody will think is it really possible to convert Customers action to your company? yes, it is possible.


Shall I explain with example?

If I consider Chennai, we are focusing Industrial Automation Products, If I take “Proximity Sensor“.

Nearly 350+ companies are using Proximity Sensor. Based on Company 10-1000 no’s Sensors using in their plant.

As per the analysis, Every day in Chennai Min 300+ Sensors is selling (Not all companies buying every day it is average calculation). It is true.

Why are customers buying sensors every day? For emergency Machine break down or new project etc.,

How will they approach Sensors suppliers to buy Sensors?

Mostly they will approach existing suppliers.

If they are not happy with existing Suppliers and New Customers, what is the source to them to buy sensors?

Mostly they will consider 2 options.

They will check with their friends or Previous company colleagues.

They will Approach Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ect.,)

1st one is powerful nearly 65% of customers consider this method. Remaining 35% of Customers are depending on Google Search Engines. 2nd method growth percentage is increasing every day.

At present in this competitive world, each and every lead is very important. Why should you lose 35% of new enquires from search engines (Google)?

If anybody searches in Google like “ Proximity Sensor Suppliers in Chennai “ If your companies presence in Google Search Engine Page Results you have very high chances to get more and more leads.

If you have more doubts in Search Engine Optimization for your Industrial Automation Products contact Challaturu Engineering Services (CES).

CES doing Website Design & Digital Marketing For Industrial Automation Products with the experienced Automation Technical team.

One of the Most Important Marketing Strategy to Double Your Sales is Creating Brand Awareness

What is the advantage of creating brand awareness?

I would like to ask one question. If you are running company from long back, Is it 100% your related customers know about your company? Absolutely No. Maximum 70% of customers only know about your company. Then How you are going to create awareness for remaining 30% of customers about your products or Services.

Suppose if you added some new product category in your business. How are you going create Awareness to your existing customers or New customers?

If you started new industrial automation product Trading or Services, How are you going promote your company in the market?

This is the very important task for us.

Nowadays for creating Brand Awareness One of the best platforms is Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,)

Immediately you will get one doubt, How Facebook Will give a result for us? FaceBook is a B2C marketing Platform it won’t give positive Feedback for Industrial Automation Product trading Services Company.

In this 21st century, As per Analysis In our related Industrial Automation companies, 85% of people have Facebook Accounts out of that 70% of Users are active Users.

Your 70% of Customers are on FaceBook. Why can’t you utilize this Social Media Platform for creating brand Awareness?

Okay, 70% of customers are on Facebook How can I create Brand Awareness?

My dear Friends Facebook Marketing have a bunch of features are available. If you created one banner you can target with Designation, Age, Gender, Location etc., Is it a Right option for us? Yes.

Then immediately start Social Media Marketing for your Product or Brand Promotion.

Challaturu Engineering Services (CES) especially doing Social Media Marketing for Industrial Automation Traders and Service Providers.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Or Social Media Marketing is the best platform for promoting your business, with these media’s you can generate more leads. This Digital Marketing won’t give direct sales it will generate Leads and Enquires. And Within a day or Week or Month, we expect results minimum 6 months it will take time.

Every Try Doesn’t turn into Success, But Every Success need to Try -Simply Vedant