Solutions to overcome the Startup Failures in 2019

Some persons have a dreams like I want to become a “Business Man”, is it possible? Yes, if you have strong desire defiantly you can become a successful business man. Is strong desire it enough to succeed in your business? Absolutely No.

With desire or fire many persons are starting a business and as per the survey, 95% of startup’s failed within 1-2 years. Why? They have a strong desire to become a successful business person like Mr. Ambani. But we failed. Then what is the difference between you and Successful business person?

Before starting any business you must answer questions….

1. What type of Services or Products are you going to provide? Is it potential or not?

2. Your business location is in right place or not?

3. How much financial Support did you require to run a business for 1 year?

4. Who are your customers?

5. How are you going to Approach your clients? (Marketing)Etc.,

If you asked any Failure business persons, like why your business failed within 1-2 years? They will give answers like we didn’t choose right product or services or my business is not in right place or Financial issues or we are not getting leads and Sales etc.,

Before starting any business main thing you need to think what type of business you are planning to start and for that business how much money I required? Do you have that much of money? As per survey within a year we can’t expect any profit.

If you want to run a business for a long time, you must arrange money to run a company at least 1 years. Why I am telling to arrange money. Within a day or week or month, you won’t get any sales. 1st year time is for approaching your clients.

If you are unable to run a company for a year. You won’t start to wait some more time. After arranging money then start. Always try to start your initial business from a Small stage.

Suppose your business is in right place and potential also and you have financial support but you are not getting any sales even after 1-2 years. Then What is the problem? 80% of business failed with this reason. Why did they fail? Because they failed to do Proper Marketing.

Is it a real reason to entrepreneur failure? It is also one of the main reasons. Many entrepreneur spending lots of money for Marketing. But they are not choosing right platform to do marketing.

Suppose you started one Sports Shoe Business. Who is your target customers? Gents, 18-35 Years old, Town/City. Suppose you have chosen Newspaper for your marketing Promotion. We need to think 18-35 Years boys are reading a newspaper or not? Only 15-25% of your targeted customers only reading daily newspapers. So you failed to choose right marketing platform. I am not telling Traditional Marketing is not good. Previously traditional marketing is one of the powerful Marketing strategies. We need to update our marketing strategy with updated technologies. So you need to choose the right platform for your Business Marketing.

Then how to choose right platform. First, you must think where our customer is spending more time? Do you get where your clients are there? No. Then

Let’s Start…

In this 21st century, all are addicted to the Internet. The Internet is one of the parts in our day to day life. We can’t imagine the world without Internet. Every user daily spending min 15-20 min on the Internet like Search Engine, Social Media etc., Why can’t you utilize this internet platform for your business marketing? Yes, nowadays it is a powerful platform for your business promotion.

How is the internet powerful to my Business?

Nowadays customers are very smart. If they want any product/Services/Information they will depend on only Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.,) If you are present in that search you will get leads then you can convert it into a Sales(i.e., Depending on your communication skills). How can I present in Search Engine?

First, You must create your company profile that is nothing but Website. Our website must be Mobile friendly, Search Engine Friendly why because most of the people depending on Mobile only. So you must create Mobile and Search Engine Friendly Website.

Then we need to optimize our website with Search Engine Friendly. And Generate Backlinks from other sites. What is the required of Backlinks? Suppose you brought clothes in one shop and if you ask to them can you refer the best tailor then he will refer one tailor that is called Reference. Reference is nothing but Backlinks. If you generate more backlinks you will get some good sales.

Then our client addicted in one of the biggest platforms that are Social Media. 90% Internet users spending 20-30min daily in Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest etc., So we can you utilize this platform for our business. How can we use Social Media for our Business? We need to create one Account on all social media site and optimize your social media account. We can approach exact target customer.

This total Search Engine and Social Media Marketing is called as Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing is an economical compared to Traditional Marketing. For doing Digital Marketing activity you must choose Best Digital Marketing Agency/Company.