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CES-Best Training to learn Web Designing Course in Tirupati|Challaturu

Welcome to Web Designing Course in Tirupati

Challaturu Engineering Services offers best Web Designing Course in Tirupati with most experienced experts. Our Instructors are working in Web Designing and related innovations for more years in MNC's. We aware of industry needs and we are putting forth Web Designing Course in Tirupati in more practical way. Our group of Web Designing coaches offers Web Designing Services in Tirupati.We encircled our syllabus to coordinate with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

Web Designing Training Key Features

Challaturu Engineering Services offers Web Designing Training in Tirupati with expert trainers. Here are the key features

30+ Hours Course Duration

Industry Expert Faculties

Free Demo Class Available

Certification Guidance

Our Web Designing Course Syllabus

Introduction to HTML5

Features of HTML5

HTML5 DocType

New Structure Tags







Designing a HTML Structure of Page

New Media Tags

Audio Tag

Video Tag

Canvas and SVG Tag

Introduction to HTML5 Forms

New Attributes

Placeholder Attribute

Require Attribute

Pattern Attribute

Autofocus Attribute

email , tel, url types

number type

date type

range type

voice search

Examples of Form

Introduction to CSS 3

New CSS 3 Selectors

Attribute Selectors





New CSS3 Properties

Custom Fonts

Text-Shadow Property

Text-Stroke Property

Rounded Corners

Box Shadows

CSS Gradients

CSS Multiple Backgrounds

Opacity Property

Transition effect

Transform effect

Animation effects

CSS Media Queries

Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

What is bootstrap

Setting up bootstrap

Bootstrap Grid System

Bootstrap 3 grid classes

Bootstrap grid column offset

Bootstrap Nested rows & columns

Bootstrap image gallery

Bootstrap 3 responsive utility classes

Bootstrap typography

Bootstrap paragraphs

Bootstrap blockquotes and lists

Bootstrap list groups

Bootstrap code blocks

Bootstrap table classes

Bootstrap button classes

Bootstrap icons

Bootstrap dropdown

Bootstrap button group

Bootstrap split button dropdown

Bootstrap forms

Bootstrap form controls

Bootstrap disabled and readonly form controls

Bootstrap form validation states

Bootstrap form controls height and width

Bootstrap input groups

Bootstrap button in input group

Bootstrap nav component

Bootstrap navbar component

Bootstrap breadcrumbs

Bootstrap pager and pagination

Bootstrap panels

Bootstrap well

Bootstrap labels and badges

Bootstrap progress bars

Bootstrap jumbotron

Bootstrap media object

Bootstrap collapse plugin

Bootstrap accordion

Bootstrap accordion with arrows

Bootstrap modal popup

Bootstrap modal methods and events

Bootstrap tabs plugin

Bootstrap tooltip

Bootstrap tooltip manual trigger

Bootstrap popover

Bootstrap alert

Bootstrap scrollspy

Bootstrap scrollspy not working

Bootstrap scrollspy vertical menu

Bootstrap affix plugin

Bootstrap image carousel

Bootstrap multi column carousel