Real Example: Why Website Required to our Business ? (From Basic step by step Explanation)

Now a day’s website is one of the basic need for any business, Educational Institute, Charity and Many peoples are earning money through websites/blogs.

Do you want to know more about WEBSITE…?

Today we are going to learn from basics like

What is Website?

Difference Between Web Page and Website?

How to Build a Website?

What is Domain & Hosting?

How to Integrate Domain & Hosting…?

More & more…

What is Website and Why Website Required?

I would like to explain with an example, then we can understand.


Suppose you want to buy one furniture and you went furniture shop, you asked to shopkeeper like “Can you show some X product”, immediately they will show one hard copy broacher and they will tell like “choose the best model in this catalog”. We will browse the catalog and We will select one product.

Why Hard Copy broacher required for Furniture shop?

In Furniture segment thousands of models and Designs is there, no one won’t maintain stock based on customer requirement they will design.

In any business we need to provide multiple options to customers, then only they will like you and your business. If you provide limited options then customer won’t like you and they won’t buy. Nowadays peoples expecting unique and new designs.

For that, we are printing Hardcopy broachers.

What is the cost of 5 Pages attractive Broacher.?

Approximately Rs.100-250/Copy. (Min Qty 100-500)

If clients come to your shop you are going to show your broacher. It’s fine.

Many clients are searching for your products and services worldwide and even your local areas also. But they don’t know who you are and what you are selling, Then how you are going to approach those new clients.

Are you thinking, How can I approach those clients? and How can we found who are searching for your Product and Service?

Then, You are in Right Place.

Nowadays the Internet is one of the part in our day to day life. Shall I ask some few questions.?

Lastly, when do you use the Internet/Google? Maybe 1 hr, 1day, 1 Week…!

Why do you use the internet? Maybe for any product or Service or map or any technical details…

Like YOU, your clients also searching for your service/product on the Internet.

Real Example:

One of my friend running a business “Fashion Design Institute in Bangalore, India“. They are promoting their business with a Traditional way like broachers, Newspaper ads, Banners etc.,

I asked him why can’t you promote your business through online? Then He is thinking, “Really peoples are searching for this course in Google.?”

Immediately, I did Keyword Research through Google Keyword Planner (How many people’s are searching for our courses) and I showed….


Avg. monthly Searching Volume is Approximately “7840” for their courses in Bangalore Location.

Like this business, Your clients also searching for your business. Do you want to know about your business “How your clients are searching for your Product or Service?”

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Really, the website will help to my business?

For any business growth Sales and Marketing, peoples play a very crucial role.

“Without Sales & Marketing People, every business on the world stops cold Tomorrow- Grant Cardone”.

If really you want to grow in your business, you must require Sales Peoples.

Are you looking a Sales and Marketing person who works for you around the clock without expecting any incentive or increment?

“Mr. Website works for your business around the clock.”

What is Web Page…?

In simple Words, with some coding(HTML, CSS), we will display Images, Content/Text, Videos etc., to attract more clients.

What is the website…?

A website is nothing but a Combination of Web Pages, If you open any website you can see Home, About us, Services, Contact us etc., these are the web pages.

How to Build a Website..?

To build a website mainly we required 3 Components

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Web Pages (Created by different languages like HTML, CSS etc., )

What is Domain..?

Domain-ces.jpg” is complete Domain Name. In simple words, Domain is nothing but nameplate/Address for your on the internet.

Which Extension is best? like .com, .net…?

Domains are classified into 2 Type

1. Business

.com, .edu, .org, .net etc.,


.in,, .jp etc.,

Many people’s are confusing on choosing extension like, .in., .org, .net etc.,

Suppose you are in India, If you are focusing your business worldwide you can choose “.com”(Getting ranking in local is difficult)

If you are focusing your business in India only or to get your website rank in India, then choose “.in,”

If you are running Organization choose “.org”, If Govt service “”

Where to Register Domain?

There are many Register companies are there to register a domain, Company to company price of the domain will vary. and based on extension also price vary

Some of the Domain Registers are:



Bluehost etc.,

What is http:// and https://…?

http:// HyperText Transfer Protocol and https:// HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

Recently Google updated new algorithm who have http:// Google give first priority to get a top ranking (one of the ranking factor)

Why our website required Security?

Suppose in your website payment transaction option available, Hackers easily hack your customer Cards Details and Net Banking Details etc.,

What https:// will do is, If you entered a password as “abcd123” hacker can see like “xys1vxz”

For Example


Where should we Buy SSL Certificate (https://)?

There is no. of companies providing SSL Certificate for your Company like Bigrock, Namecheap, Bluehost etc.,

What is Hosting?

Hosting server is nothing but to store Website files, Emails, Database, and other applications. In simple word whatever we designed Templates or Page, we need to keep that files on the Internet.

Based on our business we need to choose hosting type

Types of Hosting:

Shared Hosting: With one single server (Ex: 5 TB) we can share to 1000’s of Small Scale websites, It Price starts at Rs.250 per month

Virtual Private Server Hosting: With one single server (Ex: 5 TB), they will share to limited websites. This hosting is suitable for medium scale business and for Fast Loading Speed. This hosting Price Starts at Rs.2500 per month.

Dedicated Hosting: This is powerful Hosting. With one server only one website, this hosting is suitable for Large-scale business, E-commerce websites. This hosting price is expensive based on Configuration price will vary.

Cloud Hosting: This hosting is the latest and new generation type and it is virtual environment server. This hosting is flexible if you want you can increase space and Decrease space based on your requirement. Price starts at Rs.300 per Month. In this hosting Configuration is difficult.

Where should we buy hosting Service?

There is no. of Hosting Service providers are there like

Blue host

Big Rock

Hostgator etc.,

How to Integrate Domain & Hosting…?(BigRock)

Step 1: Once you purchase Hosting, they will provide Name Servers (Through Mail they will send)

Step 2: Login Domain registered an account.

Step 3: Click Manage Order –> List Orders –> Domain Name ( –> Name Servers

Step 4: Open Name servers and replace with new Name Servers (

within 1-24hrs it will activate.

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